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Pokecino-Dungeon Master
If you've ever played Dungeons and Dragons, you know very well that the world can often be divided into different personality alignments.
The good ones, those that wish to protect what is innocent and maintain a sense of justice in their blood as they travel through life. They could be lawful, following the rules to a tee and staying on the straight and narrow path. They could be neutral without a care for the laws if the result is ultimately good. Chaotics revel in their end goals being what will benefit society even if they have to destroy society to do so.
The neutrals, care not for whether outcomes are good or bad. They walk through life with their own selfish desires. A neutral is the type of man who sees a crime on the street and does not act on it because he desires a bagel this morning. The lawful ones still follow the rules around them...the true neutrals sway neither way and only desire their end goal but will vary the means to do so depending on the situation. The chaotic ne
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Pokecino-First Impressions (9)
"What are you working on?" Kelsey muttered as he lifted his head up from the counter. He looked tired, having spent most of the previous night wide-awake and bouncing off the walls getting work done. Tom was annoyed by the behavior but did his best to be polite as he lifted his own cup of coffee to take a sip.
The more put-together wolf eyed him over the cup before he tapped the pen at the piece of paper he had been scribbling on while thinking. "Finances. Trying to figure out how much exactly we can spend on renovating the Inn." He set down the mug and went to get back at it as the midnight yawned and drew his arms under himself to nap.
Tom eyed the closest to him, the left which sported five dots. When he had first noticed the odd symbol, he had though it was just freckles but upon closer inspection he could now make out that it was in fact a tattoo of some sort. He hummed as he leaned closer and his finger reached to automatically touch it, startling the other wolf out of his sleepy
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Pokecino-First Impressions (8)
"Hey Kitty!" Kelsey called down as the wolf exited the Inn that evening, earning a glare from the taller man and he just grinned.
"I've told you time and time again not to call me that!" Tom snarled and set down the garbage can on the road before he turned back. He stared up at the other lycanroc, perched on the building roof and his long tail swished in agitation. "What are you doing up there anyways?! Don't you have anything better to do instead of messing with our roof tiles?!"
"Watch this!" Came the reply and sure enough the midnight was cupping hands to his mouth and bellowing out a long howl. It echoed across the now quiet town of Tritoma before it slowly died away into nothing.
At first Tom was going to berate the wolf for causing a noise disturbance but the sound was soon followed by an answering howl. Then another and another until it seemed like every canine in the entire area was responding to Kelsey. Even he felt the urge to do it now that the chorus had rung up from the gr
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Pokecino-First Impressions (7)
"Alright pups, we're going to clean this place up. I want all of you working your tails off!" Tom paused when he said that and let loose a soft sigh as his hand went to his face. "If you don't have tails, it's okay. It's a figure of speech." He raised his mop and gestured at the four person army he had assembled. "Who wants to clean the lobby?"
"Dibs!" Kelsey laughed and reached to take the mop, saluting the Cortez family as he walked off towards the front of the building. The other wolf watched him with a scowl but then moved onto his next task.
"Forn, you're in charge of always I guess. Please remove all bedding, cloth curtains, dishtowels, linens, from their places and take them to the laundry room to start the process." He watched the doom nod and walk away before he turned to the man's twin. "Guu, I want you to collect every single thing that's broken or torn and bring it to the lobby so we can go through it!"
Finally he turned to the flareon who shrunk back slightly
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Pokecino-First Impressions (6)
"I can't believe this dinosaur exists." Tom muttered as he smacked against the back of the television set that buzzed and showed static. Eventually a somewhat clear picture made itself known and the wolf sighed as he went to sit back against the couch in the inn lobby. The only channel it had was a murder mystery channel, showing a few serial killer films for a marathon.
Tom had spent most of the day cleaning up, deciding when all the lights went out that he would grab a bowl of popcorn and relax the night away. The flickering screen was giving him the start of a headache but it was quickly ignored as he became engrossed in the story of the current movie.
Leaning forward, food cast aside and eyes trained on the small set as the music was building and the killer was about to be revealed. All fur was bristling on his tail and ears and he was gripping tight to the fabric of his pants.
"...dude." Came a voice beside him and the wolf jumped out of the couch with a yell of surprise. Popcorn
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Pokecino Evolution Meme-The wolfies :iconallegedstitches:AllegedStitches 0 1 Pokecino Pokeform Meme-The wolfies :iconallegedstitches:AllegedStitches 2 0 A Mimikyu's Disguises :iconallegedstitches:AllegedStitches 4 1 Pokecino Event-Blizzard in Effect :iconallegedstitches:AllegedStitches 1 0
Pokecino-First Impressions (5)
"Where exactly do you think you're going?" Thomas demanded as he watched the other lycanroc move towards the doorway. Kelsey paused just short of it and looked back over his shoulder, rolling his eyes somewhat.
"Going to meet with the townsfolk, duh. First impressions remember? If I market myself to the people, the people are more likely to stick around here." He gestured outside before he was pushing open the door and making his way outside. The Midday hesitated before he too was following out into the town.
They walked mostly in silence, gazing about at the various buildings. At very rare occasions they'd come across a person also walking and stop to chat. It was a few times however that they wound up meeting with interesting people that had them stopping dead in their tracks.
"Nice to meet you, madam. What is your name?"
"Jesse." Came the dull reply of the pregnant vaporeon, her tail swishing behind her as she stared between the two wolves. "We've met before. Trust me."
"...we have?
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Pokecino-First Impressions (4)
"So which one of you handles the cooking?" Tom asked as he stared at the three sitting across from him at the dining table. The trio shared looks before Forn was tilting his head in a confused manner.
"Cooking for what?"
"The guests..." The wolf sighed. "An Inn serves its guests food...especially breakfast. That's a standard for nearly every single hospitality establishment on the planet!" He shook his head, hands formed in a praying motion before he set them back down on the table. "...please tell me one of you knows how to cook."
"...define how you think cookin works." The doom now asked, his eyes narrowing. "Cause we all fend for ourselves. We don't cook for no guests. They are on their own. We barely make enough to feed ourselves as it is."
" get paid here?!" The lycanroc now barked. "How?! You have one patron and overdue bills!"
"Oh, mister Moth pays us."
"He just sorta hands money to any doom he sees really."
The wolf groaned before he was drawing his hands back
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Pokecino-First Impressions (3)
"Okay, this is quaint. I can work with this." Tom hummed now as he entered his room, smiling at the country style decor. "This is actually very cute...oh goodness. I love the rustic home like feel. The bed looks positively soft and the windows have a nice view of the garden." He set his bag down again, sighing as he sat down on the edge of the bed and was greeted immediately with the crinkle of paper underneath it. "...what was that."
He stood, pulling open the sheet to find an assortment of mail tucked underneath. Eyes scanned over it before he realized it was the Inn's bills. A heavy sigh escaped him as he picked them up and checked the dates, his blood running cold with every URGENT stamp across the front. " are they still in business! Forn!" He called and exited, assuming he was the leader of the gaggle of employees.
The doom looked up from where he had been leaning against the couch talking to Kelsey just to flick his tail boredly. "Yo."
"...what are these."
"I reckon they'r
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Pokecino-First Impressions (2)
"Alright so, I'll be staying at the hotel but working here. Kelsey will be staying here. Though I would like to spend one night here just to see how things are run." Tom was pulling along his suitcase, humming as he went to the key lock and opened it, coughing at the dust that pillowed off of it. "...good heavens, when was the last time this was used?"
Forn shrugged down at his one boss, eyeing the other who was already lounging across the living room couch. "We only got one guest at the moment and they don't hang around much."
"Oh, who is the guest?"
As if summoned by the words, a petite bug was making their way through the room with their nose in their cell phone. Never once did they look up and the doom family called out to them with casual indifference. "Seeya Mister Moth!"
Tom stared after the patron before he frowned. " just call a female guest "mister"???"
"Yeah looky here kitty cat...first rule of Tritoma. Don't trust your eyes. They lie."
The wolf shook his head an
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Look, I know you mean well when you feature me randomly in journals and personal projects but let me make something clear.

I'm not looking for watchers, views, or favorites on DA. I'm not an artist and I actually detest art a lot. I draw because I have the talent, I can make others happy, express my characters, and I twitch like crazy if my hands aren't doing anything.

I have been on deviantart for nearly as long as deviantart has been available online. This is my third account and I am only on this site at the moment because of Pokecino ...and I would probably quit if Cino had  a better hosting site.

So don't feature me and don't ask for my stuff to be in groups. You're wasting your time better spent on people who actually want the attention.


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